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"Extraordinary God transforming ordinary people to live extraordinary lives."

We believe we are called together in following Jesus to live out a redemptive story. We are a diverse group of people from all walks of life and backgrounds who have been brought out of the darkness and into the light of His amazing love. We have said ‘Yes’ to the greatest invitation of all, a brand new life in Christ Jesus.

In following Christ, we know that we have joined the greatest search and rescue mission ever. We desire to see our friends, neighborhoods, and cities impacted by the Kingdom of God as the poor are fed and clothed, the sick are healed, and the addicted and oppressed are set free and lives are restored.
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Be a part of a global movement! There are approximately 620 Vineyard congregations in the US and 2,400+ in 95 countries internationally, with about 300,000+ people world-wide who consider a Vineyard their church.

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2332 Euclid Avenue (River Plaza)

Des Moines, IA  50310


(515) 279 2558



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February 18, 2018 - Look and See : Unexpected Friends in Unexpected Places

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